Coconut oil facts

An amazing fact about coconuts is that over the years their use has found many and varied applications, both in the food industry and in the cosmetics industry.
The benefits to human health are many and are supported by several studies in this direction.

1. Helps with brain function disorders
One of the most beneficial characteristics of coconut oil is due to a large amount of medium-chain fatty acids it contains.
These fatty acids are absorbed not only by the liver but also metabolized rapidly. This means that they can be converted into ketones.
Ketones are utilized by the brain as an important source of energy and have been shown to have potential therapeutic effects on people suffering from memory loss, such as Alzheimer’s disease and others. Furthermore, the unique phenolic compounds and the hormones found in coconut oil can prevent aggregation of amyloid beta peptides, which are, according to the guiding theory, the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Stimulate Weight Loss
In addition to helping with memory impairment, the consumption of these medium chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil has been shown to increase energy consumption in the body.
In other words, the body can efficiently transform this fat into energy.
This leads to accelerating metabolism and is a healthy way to lose weight. Studies show that people taking daily coconut oil show significantly better results in the fight for a thin waist.
Another important feature of coconut oil is that it has proven to increase the feeling of satiety, which indicates that it allows you to reduce your daily calorie intake.

3. Improves digestion
Healthy digestion means better absorption of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. Fortunately, coconut oil does just that, helping the body absorb vitamins like magnesium and calcium.
Several studies have shown that the ingredients in coconut oil can promote the degradation and full absorption of lipids by improving the effectiveness of metabolic enzymes.

4. Builds Muscles
According to various sources, coconut oil is a powerful “insulinotropic” substance, which means it stimulates the pancreas to release insulin.
The goal of insulin is to control blood sugar levels throughout the body and further pump the nutrients into the muscles. Maintaining stable hormones like insulin will certainly produce beneficial health effects.

5. Serves as an antiseptic
Lauric acid, which accounts for about 50% of the fat contained in coconut oil, is particularly efficient in eliminating a wide variety of bacteria by disrupting their lipid membrane and destroying their organisms.
In this way, coconut oil helps to destroy bacteria leading to stomach ulcers, dental cavities, and stomach upsets.

6. Removes Dandruff
It may be surprising, but coconut oil is widely used as a natural remedy against dandruff.
It has been shown to improve skin condition by having a positive effect on conditions such as rough, itchy and dry skin – similar to what can be characterized by a dry scalp for someone who suffers from dandruff.
Coconut oil hydrates the scalp and boosts lipid levels on the surface.

7. Moisturizes the skin
As stated above, coconut oil is extremely beneficial as a moisturizer due to its moisturizing properties.
A study investigates the effect of coconut oil in people with atopic dermatitis, a condition characterized by extremely dehydrated skin and highly predisposed to the colonies of Staphylococcus aureus (SA).
The researchers observed that 19 out of 20 people showed negative results for SA colonies after treatment with coconut oil.
Therefore, in addition to the fight against dry skin, it can also be used as an assistant in the treatment of skin infections such as dermatitis.

8. Act as sunscreen
Recently, researchers began to discover that many plants and oils contain substances that can act as natural “sunscreens.” One such plant is coconut.
It has been proven that coconut oil blocks about 20% of ultraviolet rays. The use of protective equipment is necessary to reduce or avoid the negative effects of exposure to direct sunlight, such as skin cancer, early wrinkles, etc.

9. Helps with anti-aging
You may not know this, but your skin cells contain fatty acids, just like most other cells in your body. The unique fatty acids in coconut oil naturally balance the levels of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in the skin.

10. Hormonal balance
Due to the abundance of saturated fats in coconut oil, such as lauric acid, it helps maintain the hormonal balance in the body.
Studies have been made that specifically examine the effect of coconut oil on hormones that predominate in women during menopause and after menopause.
Coconut oil helps to increase the level of useful proteins that keep estrogens in women during menopause, resulting in a healthier lipid profile and improvement in overall condition.

11. Protects Hair from Damage
Coconut oil has a beneficial effect on the inner processes of man and his appearance. Publications prove the positive effect of using it to protect hair from injuries. This is because coconut oil has a helpful effect and protects against the loss of protein in the hair.
Coconut oil has a strong affinity for proteins, and thanks to its size, it efficiently penetrates the hair and protects it from damage.