How To Naturally Remove Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes – At Home!

A very common condition for both males and females are the dark circles under the eyes. You look in the mirror, we’ve all been there, and it’s like you’re seeing a totally different person.

But why are they showing up? That’s the question. And the response is a range of reasons, from genetics to age. It may also be hereditary, or just swollen blood vessels that are not correctly draining. Over-consuming sodium can make dark circles worse, or because of allergens around the eyes.

After a lengthy exposure to the sun, frequent dehydration, oversleep or absence of sleep, working too many hours in front of a laptop or watching TV for hours, these are all good reasons of why dark circles may also appear. You can also attempt to avoid ever-growing dark circles by drinking less alcohol, not rubbing your eyes, reducing or stopping smoking, and perhaps changing your position asleep.

In fact, bags under the eyes are fat pads that surround the eye. These fat pads can swell, causing the skin to bubble, giving the appearance of “bags,” and at the same moment you can have dark circles and bags under your eyes.

There are a number of methods, both natural and prescribed medically, that individuals use to get rid of dark circles under their eyes, or merely to lessen their appearance. Although not all of these treatments are permanent, with maintenance and consistency they will help to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Anyone with them wants to get rid of them. And while having dark circles is not a health concern, for cosmetic reasons you might want to get rid of them. And we’ve got three natural methods to do that.

  • Apply Cold Tea Bags

This easy technique to get rid of your dark circles under your eyes is to use cold tea bags. In the fight against dark circles, antioxidants and caffeine are very powerful, and tea includes both. In tea bags, the tannin also decreases swelling and discoloration.

Place chamomile or green tea bags in water and put them in the fridge. Place them over your eyes once they are cold and keep them on for 10 minutes, then wash your face with water. Do this for a couple of weeks, and you will see a big difference.

  • Fresh Cucumber Slices

Cucumber slices were used to reduce the puffiness around the eyes, but also to refresh the skin appearance around the eyes. The treatment is very simple, cut a fresh cucumber into thin slices, but make sure it’s cold, then place the slices over each eye, over the darkened area, and leave them on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cold water once you’re done.

  • Almond Essential Oil

One of the finest treatments you can use for dark circles is almond oil. Of this essential oil, the natural vitamin E can help neutralize the dark circles under your eyes and make your skin look brighter. It’s a simple routine. Apply some almond oil and massage softly on your dark circles. Leave the oil overnight and rinse the next morning with cold water.

Additional Tips

Alcohol can widen the vessels of the blood and make dark circles look more prominent. This is an simple fix, alcohol reduction, and your consumption of water. Drink between seven to nine glasses of water a day.

Extreme exhaustion and sleep deprivation, can trigger dark circles. It can also make your skin look pale, making your dark circles more visible. Make sure you get enough sleep every night, somewhere between seven and nine hours of sleep.

Some medical treatments are accessible to assist you to actually reduce the appearance of dark circles. Some of the most common are the following:

  • chemical peels
  • laser surgery
  • injecting pigment
  • tissue fillers
  • fat removal
  • surgical implants of fat

Some of these invasive medical procedures with a lengthy recovery time can be costly and painful. That’s why I always prefer to take the natural path.