In shape for summer

Summer is here, and with it, the desire to look in shape. Nothing makes one person feel better than getting the eyes of others, especially on the beach. We will introduce several diets for weight loss of up to 10 kg.

If you still do not feel sexy enough in your skin and want to remove some extra pound, you have come to the right place.

Weight loss diets
10 kg. for 8 days

The diet ensures a 100 percent result. This weight loss regimen is good for health. It effectively cleans blood vessels.

Day one:

Cooked potatoes without salt. No other food is allowed, and the quantities are unlimited. However, it is a good idea to stick to a pound and a half dose.

Day Two:

Up to 3 buckets of yogurt. If there are people intolerant to this dairy product or can not consume it for any other reason, it can be replaced by oatmeal. It’s also very healthy. Four tablespoons boil in 1 liter of water until the seeds break. If desired, honey can be added. In the extreme case, if this milk is not suitable, it can be replaced with a boiled or baked pumpkin.

Day Three:

Pound and half fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits and vegetables should not be mixed on a meal.

Day Four:

Boiled or baked pumpkin. Eat it all day.

Day Five:

3 cooked eggs.

Day Six:

Half a pound of raw fruits and vegetables.

Day Seven:

By the example of a second day – three buckets of yogurt. It can be replaced with 300 g of boiled chicken or boiled or baked pumpkin.

Day Eight:

1.5 liters of mineral water. Perhaps more – it is important not to eat anything else.

Diet 10 kg. slimming in a month with tomatoes

Meals per day are not more than 5. It is imperative that each meal should eat tomatoes – 1 or 2, depending on the size. Drink 1-liter tea of ​​rosehip, green tea and the juice of a lemon a day.

It is imperative that at each meal you eat tomatoes – 1 or 2, depending on the size.

Together with the tomatoes you can eat: boiled egg, cheese (100 g), yellow cheese (100 g), roasted no oily fish (150 g), roasted chicken without skin (150 g), boiled potatoes medium sized), meatballs, steak, veal (150 g), other vegetables.

Example menu:

First day

Breakfast: a cup of tea (330 ml), 1 boiled egg, 1 tomato

Late breakfast: 100 g of cheese, 1 tomato

Lunch: a cup of tea (330 ml.), A piece of chicken, 1 tomato

Afternoon Breakfast: 1 cucumber, 1 tomato

Dinner: a cup of tea (330 ml.), Cabbage salad with tomatoes

Second day

Breakfast: a cup of tea, 100 g of yellow cheese, 1 tomato

Late breakfast: 2 cooked potatoes, 1 tomato

Lunch: a glass of tea, 100 g of cheese, 1 tomato

Afternoon snack: several leaves lettuce, 1 tomato

Dinner: a cup of tea, a piece of fish, 1 tomato

Every fifth day is a fruity day! You can eat whatever fruit you want, but do not overdo bananas. Tea again remains mandatory for consumption!

The diet is not suitable for people with health problems, pregnant women, children, and people over 65!

The Aphrodite diet – 10 kg. for 7 days

Day 1: Drinks. We can drink everything we want, including broths.

Day 2: Vegetables. We eat salads in unlimited quantities. Preferably it is cabbage salad because it burns fat!

Day 3: Drinks

Day 4: Fruits. Eat fruits, preferably more grapefruit.

Day 5: Protein Day. Eat eggs, chicken (boiled). You can also have yogurt.

Day 6: Drinks

Day 7:

Breakfast: Tea, 2 hard-boiled eggs.

Second Breakfast: Fruits

Lunch: Broth (you can easily prepare soup with rice or buckwheat)

Afternoon Breakfast: Fruits

Dinner: Salad

For a week you can lose up to 10 pounds of the weight. This diet helps not only to lose extra pounds but also cleanses the body healthily.

We hope the diets that we have suggested are useful. Each of them combined with strenuous workouts and perseverance will bring you the desired result!