2 in 1 Keto crack coffee recipe for weigh loss.

The first thing i found was “Keto Coffee” when i searched on google for Keto Diet. I wanted to know if this ketogenic diet would be beneficial to my coffee habit! Coffee is my only kind of indulgence.

I really enjoy it, and I’m actually addicted to it. And i’m all right with that! It motivates me get out of bed in the morning, realizing there’s a hot coffee pot getting ready for me to add some coffee creamer with milk and vanilla caramel.


Keto coffee, like other keto diets, contains a number of “healthy fats” and no (or low) carbohydrates (aka sugar-free). Such healthy fats will come including heavy cream whipping (yum!), butter, coconut oil, and more.

Where’s the IMPORTANT thing?

Most people would suggest you need to “begin the right day.” That your body is already in a condition of fat burning when you wake up each morning.

However, to make the best of this to keep the fat burning going, i don’t want to begin with empty carbs (like my old sugar, but glorious coffee), but after that, take some healthy fats to keep things going. This stabilizes our blood sugar and sets us for a day of fat burning!

It tastes fantastic, but more ingredients are required. And the recipe even says it’s cold to drink, but I like my coffee hot much of the year, but luckily, you can also keep it hot!

Ingredients that you’ll need to make Keto crack coffee:

  • Two tbsp of Whipping Cream.
  • One cup of non-sweetened coconut almond milk.
  • Two or Three tbsp MTC Oil.
  • 5 oz. One tablespoon of Organic Natural Vanilla Extract.
  • Ten to fifteen drops of BetterStevia Liquid Sweeter.

How to make the Keto Crack Coffee?

Brew the coffee and let it out. Gather all the supplies together and add them to a mug or a cup of coffee.

Blend it all up with a coffee frother or a tiny whisk until it is well-combined. Note: It is common for MTC oil to rise to the top. You should cover it with whipped cream (you can use canned whipped cream or develop your own).

Recipe notes: There is 54.2 mg of caffeine per ounce. A Starbucks coffee has 20.6 mg per ounce, so while a standard Dunkin Donuts coffee has 12.7 mg per ounce, which indicates that the coffee is really strong. Drink responsibly, please!


Although I love the taste of my flavored coffee creamer, i’m about to take my coffee with sugar and cream as well if I’m out and about. But, all sugar replacements are NOT produced the same and some have carbs! Sure, I know this one’s type of no-brainer, but if you’re curious what the Keto diet is and isn’t supposed to do, it’s here!

Always ensure that your heavy cream is carb-free. Some heavy cream whipping products have a carb inside them, so they really don’t need it!

What is best:  Choose your favorite sugar replacement. I very like Swerve for me. It doesn’t seem like a loss at all to get a full cream coffee and a little of it.


  • Sugar Substitute of your choice
  • Your favorite Coffee
  • Heavy Cream


Place the cream and the sugar substitute in the bottom of the coffee cup. Put some coffee to it. yeah , straightforward peasy!

Video tutorial HERE

What’s so amazing with Keto Crack Coffee?

This coffee can give you the boost you need, since it’s super-caffeinated.

It has a lovely vanilla flavor yet, it’s not that heavy.

It’s full of good fat that’s going to hold you full.

The almond milk-whipping cream mixture is the perfect mix.

It’s a lot more than easy to make.

How to Make Iced Keto Crack Coffee Remember that this is a chilled coffee beverage keto. If you like, you can apply ice to have an iced drink of coffee.

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