Keto foods

Keto diet is one of the most satisfying diets, as the allowed foods are so potent that most keto people eat once a day. This also helps them lose weight.

Even if you are on a keto diet, it does not mean that you are insured by the afternoon energy drops. If you are not mentally prepared, you can get trapped in unhealthy snacks, trampling with harmful food, which in turn will make it harder to achieve the goals you.

That’s why you should always be secured with keto snacks on hand to “attack” hunger, and you need energy.

There are thousands of keta recipes on the internet about fast food that you can prepare at home, but sometimes life is so fast that one hardly finds time for it. Before you go into the easy choice (which is probably rich in carbohydrates), see our suggestions.
Easy and fast foods that contain mainly fat

These snacks allow you to insert more fat into your ketogenic diet in a delicious way:

Avocado – this is one of the best keto foods if you need more fat but no protein. Just season with salt and pepper or make it with puree with a little mayonnaise and you’re done.

Olives – They are an excellent source of fat and fiber, with a minimal amount of carbohydrates and proteins, and are therefore one of the most appropriate snacks in the ketone diet. You can pick them up from the showcase or in a jar. Be careful about added oil and other carbohydrate ingredients.

Macadamia – most nuts contain Omega-6 fat that causes inflammation, but the macadamia contains monounsaturated fats and a negligible amount of Omega-6 fat. Be careful, though! Very easily overeat with macadamia! Select raw nuts in small packages for convenience and quantity control.

Cold pressed coconut oil – coconut oil is made from the fruit of coconut and allows us to extract the useful from it without depriving our favorite taste. Be careful not to add sugar and, above all, do not overdo it. Coconut oil is high in calories, and this may slow your weight loss.

Nuts high in fat and oils – Some nuts contain a lot of carbohydrates (cashew nuts and pistachios, for example), so it is best to have small quantities. Stay away from any nuts and oils that have added carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fats or vegetable oils. Choose those with more fat, such as almonds, walnuts or macadamia. Also, you can make nutmeg home from this recipe. (You can use MCT oil instead of coconut oil for more energy).

Black chocolate suitable for the ketone diet – Even if it is not sweetened with stevia or a similar low carbohydrate sweetener, it is good to have at least 80% cocoa, because carbohydrates are rapidly accumulating. You can also do home-made by mixing coconut oil, cocoa powder, and low-sugar sweetener.

Cocoa beans – They are the real chocolate chips. They are tasty, healthy, and low-carbohydrate. Eat them one by one or with nuts, nuts or seeds. Be careful – you can easily overeat with them and add a lot of extra calories.

Pepperoni – Although it is extremely convenient and suitable for the ketone diet, this salami is very much processed, so you should limit it. Try to find an organic one without added hormones and dextrose, maltodextrin, and other preservatives. Salmon Pepperoni is well suited for high-fat cheeses.

High-fat cheeses – Although hard cheeses are a great ketone food, they are not among the best in the supply of protein-free fats. The cheeses with the highest fat content, ideal for the purpose, are mascarpone and cream cheese. You can combine them with other foods from this article (pepperoni, nuts).

Additives and oil with MCT – MCT oil or MCT powder will provide you with a fast dose of saturated fat that will quickly become energizing ketones.

Fast snacks, rich in fat and protein

Intermediate meals are a great solution for getting more fat and protein during a keto diet. Here are some of these suggestions:

Full-fat cheeses – well-known cheeses such as mozzarella, cheddar, and parmesan for a very good choice for fat and protein intake during a keto diet. Make sure they are full-fat and that they do not have any added carbohydrates or flavor enhancers.

Sardines – in addition to containing a healthy dose of fat and beneficial nutrients, sardines are also carbohydrates, and for an optimal keto option, you can choose preserved with olive oil.

Peanut butter – who can be satisfied with it ?! It is always a delicious solution against “wolf hunger,” satisfies the needs of protein and healthy fats. Of course, here are not products with added sugar. Useful peanut butter contains only peanuts and salt.

Seeds – add chia to peanut butter for extra protein, fat, and fiber.

Beef-dried meat – preferably low carbohydrate with minimal spice. Remember, however, that the beef contains only about 50% calories of fat, so choose the jerk if you eat more fat.

Low-carbon bars – in stores, as well as online, the variety is enormous. It is advisable to pay attention to the label to familiarize yourself with the composition and carbohydrates contained in a bar and to assess whether your consumption is within your daily carbohydrate limit. Often they are rich in many natural sugars that do not help us in keto regimes. Read the labels carefully.

Cheese Chips – Offered by more and more companies. It is a crisp version of your favorite cheese without added carbohydrates and is a good source of fat and protein.

Fast keto “snacks”

Fast snacks allow you not to starve without taking extra calories. Yeah, they’re like that:

Cherry tomatoes – although they are suitable for keto mode, they contain carbohydrates, so eat wisely.

Seaweed chips – a perfect choice for the salty and crispy savants. Choose spice-free, minimal intake of calories.

Coffee – Clean coffee gives energy and increases the amount of ketones during keto mode. You can add cream if you want to increase your daily fat intake.

Tea – black tea (for more energy) and herbal will add flavor, but not calories to keto mode.

Jelly or lollipops without sugar – try to consume them only exceptionally because they are too processed and do not bring any health benefits to the body. Again you can add a little cream to increase your daily fat intake.

Bone broth – low calorie and source of many health benefits.

Cabbage chips – one of the most useful and low-calorie “snacks” you can afford during keto mode.

Homemade tastes are always the best option. By preparing your food at home, you know what the ingredients are all about, and you’re making sure you stick to keto mode.

We have collected ideas that are suitable for both home, work, and home party. Rich in fat and protein, choose yourself among our suggestions.

Homemade guacamole – You probably already know how appropriate the guacamole diet is. Perfect for interstitial eating or as a side dish for a meal – it’s always a good idea!

Bacon – Do not forget about bacon! Prepare pre-bacon strips for moments you’re in a hurry, and you do not have time for a hearty meal.

Oatmeal – so rich in fat and flavor that it is extremely suitable for situations when it is in a hurry. The good news is that they can be prepared in large quantities at once.

Keto Ice Cream – a perfect snack, especially during the warm summer days! Coming soon with us!

Armored Coffee – A Wonderful Way To Start Your Day! See how to prepare it in our Armored Coffee article!

Kettle Shake and confusion – Almost as “real” but much more delicious! You can try mixing with your favorite protein powder to achieve even better taste!

Keto Mousses – Simply put: whisk cream, cocoa, vanilla and sweetener (optional) and here’s a great and brisk keto mousse. Coming soon a recipe for a VERY delicious keto mousse on our site!

Hardcore eggs – a cunning trick that will greatly save your hunger at the right time.

Small low-carbohydrate bites – you can use cucumber, kite bread, olive oil, cabbage, or any other low-carbohydrate ideas that come to your mind.

Keto pizza – hot or cold, you can not go wrong with this delicious choice for fast food. Check out our recipe for keta pizza in the recipe box.

Vegetable sticks – Cut your favorite keto veggie vegetables and let them “wait” in the fridge to get back to them when you’re in a hurry, and you’re very hungry.

Bone broth – very saturated and extremely easy to prepare at home. Prepare larger quantities and store in bottles in the refrigerator to have something fluid to “eat” when you are on the move.
The Benefits of a Ketone Diet

Although in general, we do not recommend intermediate meals, you can turn it into a secret weapon. This is because ketone foods can help you in different ways:

Get the necessary fats, fiber and trace elements (as much as you think you need to consume)
They can prevent you from dropping your diet at times when you have a weak will
They help you increase your energy levels (and in many cases also the levels of ketones in your body)
You feel the city until your next meal
When you eat sensibly, keeping the amounts of macro-nutrients that are set for the day, you can achieve the desired results without starving,