Remedies For Backache – How To Resolve This Problem!

Backache was once a problem only for the elderly or sometimes for the middle-aged, but now 8 out of 10 people have reported backache. It is the young people who suffer from chronic back pain and the working people. What is amazing is the fact that it is not due to some serious medical condition such as arthritis or fracture in most cases of backache.

Lifestyle, is the most common cause of today’s backache epidemic, or more precisely a sedentary lifestyle. Everything you eat, how much you move or don’t move, your rest periods, and how much you sleep, all lead to your back pain.

The medicines you take to alleviate backache only provide you with temporary relief and bring a lot of side effects with them. In such a condition, following home remedies for backache appears wise. Not all natural remedies, however, will give you relief from back pain. By trial and error, you need to find the most effective treatment for back pain!

Natural Remedies For Backache

1. Heat Therapy

Heat and warmth can alleviate many back pain types. You can apply heat therapy if your back pain is not traumatic in nature. A chronic back pain is pain caused by back injuries caused by an accident or severe back pain caused by weakened and inflamed muscles like when trying to lift heavy objects.

If your backache is due to stress and over-exertion, particularly lower back pain, it creates tension around the spine in your muscles and soft tissues. As a consequence, you are limited in adequate circulation and you are experiencing pain. This dilates the blood vessels of the muscles that form the lumbar spine when you apply pressure to your back.

It increasing the oxygen flow to the muscles. Heat also reduces the rigidity and the increased flexibility gives you a feeling of comfort.

2. Massage Therapy

Massage has been used for relaxing the sore muscles throughout the body since ages. And that’s also perfect for a backache. A study of 400 people with moderate to severe low back pain shows that massage has a positive effect on alleviating back pain. A weekly massage was offered to two groups in this test.

Another group was given full body massage and the other was given massage around the lower back and hips for specific muscle problems. It lasted for 10 weeks after both groups registered decreased back pain relative to a third group that received no massage.

Massage can reduce soreness and soothe your tired muscles very effectively. Your blood circulation improves as a result of massaging and leads to better blood and oxygen flow to the muscles. Massage also releases endorphins and relaxes the muscles. Endorphins are hormones for the brain that make you feel good.

3. Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt contains magnesium and sulfate that your body absorbs. Many people’s lack of magnesium affect their nerves, muscles, and enzyme function, which in turn leads to pain and swelling that can also occur on your back. Epsom salt also draws out toxins and excess liquids from the body through the porous skin through the cycle of reverse osmosis.

Epsom salt bath seems to be a good idea to relieve back pain. Not only will it alleviate injury-related pain, it will also relieve stress and tension which aggravates backache.

4. Take Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Many scientific studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids can reduce pain, including back pain. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) present in fish oil are the two primary omega-3 fatty acids that can do this job. There are anti-inflammatory effects of these fatty acids.

Such fatty acids were directly converted into anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. While you may always have foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, if you have chronic back pain, fish oil capsules are also a good supplement. Nonetheless, get the one that is pharmaceutical grade and also free from hazardous metals such as mercury when choosing fish oil supplement.

5. Lifestyle Change

Like we discussed right at the start that lifestyle is the main cause of the that backache cases of today, you also need to make improvements to your lifestyle. Without doing this, you can’t get complete relief from your back pain without any treatment.

Your entire body is meant to move and there’s no exception to your spine. Longer sitting hours is one of the biggest causes of back pain. So, keep moving. Take a walk with your pet or walk to the supermarket. These little episodes will keep your spine moving throughout the day.

This is just moving a step ahead. Whatever suits you, swimming, cycling, brisk walking, aerobics, yoga, do it. But you have to exercise. Start exercising as soon as you lose your chronic pain and feel a little better.