Using just salt

To prove that salt has many uses, today, we have selected 17 ways to save you in unpleasant situations.
1. It can return to the color of old clothes. After a lot of laundries, it’s normal for clothes to look faded or with more dead colors. In such cases, you can try to soak them in salt water or add 1/4 cup of salt to the washing powder. You will be surprised by the results.

2. To clean artificial flowers. Artificial flowers are covered with dust, and it is very difficult to clean them, but the salt comes to help. Put half a cup of salt in one bag and put the first flower in the bag. Shake gently. Salt will pick up the rest of the dust, and the flowers will be new. To get the desired effect, you need to clean the flowers one at a time.

3. To remove traces of lipstick, It is difficult to wash away strong and lasting lipsticks because they are water resistant. Sometimes it’s even hard to wash them off your glasses! For this purpose, you can gently rub the glass with salt, and the stain will be gone. But be careful not to scratch the glass or porcelain.

4. Cheap but Effective Exfoliating Instead of buying expensive scrubs, you can safely achieve the same effect with salt. While bathing, apply a shower gel and then rub the skin with salt through circular movements. For better results, use sea salt.

5. Add it to your toothpaste From time to time you can put salt to your toothpaste because it removes stains (because it is abrasive) and it also disinfects your mouth because it has antibacterial properties.

6. Checking the Egg Fitness If you have forgotten several eggs in the refrigerator, you can check with salt whether they are still edible. Add two tablespoons of salt to a glass of water or another container large enough to hold the egg. Let the salt dissolve and then drop the egg into the glass. If it sinks, it is fit for consumption. But if it does not sink – do not eat it!

7. Dandruff Therapy Before applying the shampoo put some salt on the scalp, massage it gently for a few minutes and then apply the shampoo. Salt removes dandruff and at the same time cleans the scalp of bacteria.

8. Anti-frosting of the windows of the car It is a very uncomfortable winter time to go out in the morning to work and see that your car has resembled a small iceberg. However, if you do not want your windows to freeze, you can spray them with a saline solution of water and cooking salt. Or use a rag to rub them with salty water. Be careful not to spray the metal parts of the vehicle because the salt has a corrosive effect.

9. To relieve sore throat Salt solution works wonders against sore throats because it reduces redness and kills bacteria. Just put some salt in a glass of water and make a gargle for about 30 seconds.

10. Remove water stains on furniture. Sometimes we forget to use cup pads, and as a result, unpleasant round spots are formed. You can try removing them with salt and olive oil. Add some olive oil to the salt to get a thick paste. Put it on the stain and rub it with a sponge. Salt extracts moisture, and olive oil nourishes the tree, resulting in great results.

11. To clean the toothbrush It is not enough just to rinse the toothbrush until you have washed the toothbrush, and you should disinfect it from time to time. One way is to use a saline solution. In warm water, put 1-2 tablespoons of salt. Once the salt dissolves, soak the brush for 30-40 minutes. This is enough to clean it.

12. To exfoliate the lips, Salt can be used not only as an exfoliant for the skin of the body but also for the lips. If you think they are dry and peeled, put some salt on a wet toothbrush, and gently rub them. Circular movements are most effective.

13. As a mouthwash If you have no mouthwash at hand, you can accidentally replace it with a saline solution that also has antibacterial properties.

14. Cleaning the Aquarium If your aquarium has lost its shine and the glass looks dirty and blurred, salt comes to its rescue. Simply clean the inside of the aquarium with salt and a wet sponge. But we warn you that you should then thoroughly wash the aquarium so that there is no salt that can harm your fish.

15. To empty the sink. Pour half a cup of salt into the clogged sink and then pour boiling water (unless your pipes are plastic, then the water should not be hot). The salt has abrasive and corrosive action, so it will remove the fat that has blocked your sink.

16. Removing red wine stains One of the most stubborn and annoying spots is red wine. If you want to save your blouse, trousers or dress, you will have to act quickly. While the stain is still fresh and fresh, soak it in water and then cover it with salt. And wait for 10-15 minutes and rub it until it’s gone.

17. To remove greasy stains, They are also quite unpleasant. If a little oil or olive oil is poured on your trousers, cover it well with salt immediately – it will drain the fat, and then the stain will be much easier to remove.